A child believes justice,

naturally comes to be,

with all their hearts fighting,

for what is true & free.

A mind untouched by hatred,

or by a school of thought,

but nurtured by true love,

will express what has been taught.

In youth we want freedom,

against all tyranny

the right to speak & choose

rights for all humanity.

Youth demands from those above,


To fight against oppression,

and uphold integrity.

Yet with age dreams fade,

and reality were told.

trapped in conformity,

by the system we uphold.

Rights are less important,

then desires to fulfill,

caught by ego’s demands

we surrender our will.

In our hearts we know the truth,

that democracy is a lie.

Though we choose egoic life,

over rights to live & die.

yet truth will not allow this,

it will force open eyes,

ignorance we must face,

see through the systems disguise

The race is only as free,

as their wallets allow.

All for security,

as to the buck we bow.

We teach this to our children

who fight as long as they can

swallowed by the machine

forgetting where to stand.

A chain of history

though learn we must and will

To live free or die trying,

a child’s dream we fulfill.