Light from you shown,

I recognize as true,

Not unlike my own,

My truth found in you.


Turning away from light,

The shadow arises

causing my fright

The ego disguises.


The darkness I see,

tendencies I despise,

In matters I disagree,

all that my ego denies.


Rejecting what I am not,

or what I fear to know,

The shadow I fought,

forcing me to grow.


The very things I fear,

become my own shadow,

then the hate appears,

when I’m afraid to know.


Projecting my beauty,

Projecting my doubt,

Afraid to see,

I am never without.


The darkness, the light,

my own to face,

everything I fight,

within my own space.


There is no difference,

between you & I

other then the pretense,

The roles which we comply.

Seeing only what is odd,

or only what is true,

contributes to the facaud,

for both begin with you.


Neither perfect or wrong,

neither bad nor good,

we equally belong,

as one to be understood.