The Dark Path

The narrow turns

Dancing shadows

Branches and leaves

Rustling in the wind

The moonlight moves them

Forming patterns on the rock

The dark path

Alive with shadows

Fear tingles the spine

Eerie noises everywhere

A snap, a hoot, a howl

Back of the neck curling

Throat quickly closing

Unable to swallow

Fidgeting fingers

Of anticipation.

The unknown haunting

Each moment an eternity

Lingering on like doom

Do tense the body jerks

Footsteps echoing

Like beating drums

Leaves crackle loudly

The sounds deafening

So frightened to miss

What might be out there?

Glancing behind

Then snapping back

So fearful to miss

What might arise

Cloud covers moon

Cawing of crows

Dogs bark in fear

Each sound a horror

Cold sweat breaks

Clumsy feet fall

Stumbling down

Stinging palms

Rushing to feet

In fear of a pounce

Deathly silence

The path winds down

Further into darkness

Almost too scared

to move at all

steady those nerves

feeling foolish now

only a little night

creepy but still

lips curl nervously

shrugging off the fear

no one is out there

the mind reassures

just then foot steps

out of sorts

out of mind

frozen in fear

turning slowly

knowing before sight

standing behind

the greatest fright

heart stops beating

breath fogs the air

makes it hard to see

a hair raising cry

a black cat

scatters away

laughing in relief

turning to go

only to see

Deaths hand fall

A forceful grip

the scythe, the hood

the last sight

last breath gasps

falling to stone

faint echo’s of life

dancing like shadows

in the moonlight.

The dark path

Consumes its prey

No one survives

The game it plays.

~Have a Happy Halloween!