Truth has no use if we are not honest

be true to yourself, is the true test

we can find fact and reason it away

debate endlessly about the day

we can hold firm to what we believe

it matters not if ourselves we deceive

living in illusion is the worst offence

forgetting life, living in defense.

It is never easy to see life in full

world covers our eyes with wool

not only because of the deception

the greed and power connection

natural health hanging on a wire

goodness in times desperately dire

we can see the truth in the world

this vortex into which were hurled

but all this to turn us towards the fall

to see the greatest illusion of all

that illusion is our own reflection

adoration of  our own complexion

narcissus emanates from the mirror

the real existence that we fear

being true to ourselves is the test.

live true to heart- let’s ego rest.