the climb seems never ending

a trail without hope in sight

no sign, where we are ascending

no glimmer of guiding light

darkness is where we learn

the truth resides in loss of hope

when all shreds of illusion burn

when we have no means to cope

In the darkest hour we find

the inner strength to carry on

overcoming the toil of the grind

is when we finally see the dawn

The heart is not found but made

Through valor we find victory

While illusions cast their shade

we become the sun shining free

One spark of light can expose the lot

Just one glimmer ignites a blaze

kindling history we have forgot

heart finds it’s way through the maze.

nothing can extinguish spirit

it lives, though we avoid the call

foolishly many people fear it,

unable to see through the wall.

a tower defending bricks of lies

threatened by the truth so plain

masked by painted disguise

hiding the knot of internal pain

We run to find a happy place

a place where freedom resides

freedom only comes when we face

that space where the heart abides.

Light is not found outside of self

no experience could compare

the greatest treasure of wealth

resides with grace, true and fair

When illusion confuses do not fret

contemplate the greats of old

history we should never forget

The wonder of tales yet untold

consider the wonder of the stars

the innocents of a new born child

love healing the tender scars

our ailments healed by natures wild


Everything is perfect pristine and clear

Some dread the day when all is gone

Darkness defeated when we no longer fear

Life is precious, realize the new dawn

If you look for the truth, the heart is near.