Vast horizon of azure sky,

It kills me to say goodbye.

Everyday of my life I have seen,

the glory of the blue sky pristine.

Now I witness something new,

the tarnished sky no longer blue.

Scarred with unnatural lines of white,

chemicals emitting from the flights.

Who has the right to alter the air?

Poisoning our soil without a care.

The haze covers the entire sky,

It kills me to have to say goodbye.

What I’ve known, loved and needed,

nourishment now genetically seeded,

no more organic farms to feed.

The world was sold to fuel the greed,

water,soil and air corrupted,

aluminum levels have erupted.

Power winning the battle each day

over the people when they spray.

No one has the right to ruin the sky,

It kills me to have to say goodbye.

Health deteriorating as profit soars,

predicting where the rain pours,

stocks rise, health falling for all,

as chemicals from the skies fall.

No one even looks up anymore.

What was once heaven, now a horror.

To see the scars across the sky,

Forces us to ask ourselves why?

There is nothing to lose by knowing

Nothing to lose by truthful showing

It has already been taken away

No more reason to blindly obey

Together we can achieve anything

Together we can let freedom ring.


Inspired by the movies “what in the world are they spraying” and “why in the world are they spraying”