Ripped apart, torn asunder

hiding from the dark thunder

afraid to open, to trust again

frozen by the past pain

cut deep a wound still sore

no hope, begging no more

The world so cruel and dark

afraid to let the heart embark

no path to light the way

all roads have led astray

alone, closed off from life

trapped within bitter strife.

every expectation falls

disappointment builds walls

sequestering the emptiness

as all emotions repress

how sad for love to turn

for the heart to burn

though life is always a test

push through or contest

expectations always fall

for they have no need at all

strength arises from ashes

when all hope dashes

there is no need for sorrow

unless we wait for tomorrow

today is the thing to enjoy

healing the matter to employ

when we live in past

we make the pain last

when we live for tomorrow

we create more sorrow

Letting go is what we refuse

this moment we forget to use

for the heart does not live

for anything but what it can give

not tomorrow or yesterday

for time always leads astray

the heart is in the breath

everything else is death

cherish only the heart in peace
for all concerns to cease.