Funny how inspiration works, my book just inspired a poem, hope you like it.


Below the surface more than we thought

behind the tired pain of monotony

more available then what is sought

passion is waiting to be set free.

A light glimmers in each of us

a spark that we often ignore,

so many feel why should I fuss,

creating can seem like a chore.

The challenge masking the bliss

the effort deters from the task

while potential is what we miss

the greatness beyond the mask

The world darkens while we bow

head down unable to find light

change to hard people ask how?

when the power is in the fight.

Creation is the reason we are here

it inspires the world to ignite

Passion is the absence of fear

Creation is destruction’s fight.

The purpose in enjoying art?

The meaning found in creativity?

how about revolutions to start,

as it all arises when we are free.