You don’t know what I’ve been through

The trouble I’ve seen in my day

If by some miracle you only knew

you wouldn’t judge me this way


To look down on others a prophesy

foretelling your own reflection

What you have to say about me

is drawn from your own complexion


The idle speculation of empty minds

uninhabited with imagination

capable only of curious finds

conjuring fears into a fixation


In the absence of truth, grows illusion

The unknown becomes speculation

twisting into terrible confusion

causing your own tribulation


I rest without a sorrowful care

While you fetter with concerns

as truth is something you won’t share

your judgement causes your burn


The pain of believing your thoughts

bare at all upon reality

festering amongst selfish plots

only the truth will set you free


Keep in mind, next time you judge

that you know not a single thing

what you see in others you begrudge

a self portrait in the making.