Nothing to inspire, drowning in defeat

Once vivid impulses replaced with heat

Shadows cast by the pounding flash

Inspiration disappears in a dash.

Returning to the duties of the day

Forgetting the muse the need to say

The glimmer and glow of creativity

Settled below the need for security

Hours past as if years gone by

Waiting impatiently, the well left dry

No hope in sight only looming doubt

Memory fades of what it’s all about

Trying becomes work boring and dull

The desire to create now pounding my skull

Lost in this material world of grey tones

The temptation to run chilling the bones

Finally surrender the best has past me by.

Giving in, accepting the well ran dry.

Without warning the skies open up

Rain pours over me, inspiration erupts!

Trying it seems brings resistance

Wanting hard preventing the advance

When everything held was let go

Sweet inspiration began to flow