We find it so difficult to comprehend

The nature of love, and so we pretend.

We do not show where we are weak

We hide our differences, we constantly seek.

So lost we become by our way

We feel so much with little to say

This suffering will only continue to grow

Unless we admit that we don’t really know

The essence of life running through our veins

Will not be seen when fear is at the reins

The answer is clear but so hard to know

Letting go is the only way we will ever grow.

Open yourself up to all that you are

We feel that God is something afar

Though the heart is ready to receive,

While we look the other way to believe

We are not a thing to be controlled

We cannot understand by being told

Eventually we must come to that place

Where nothing remains but divines grace

Freedom is the closest word to describe

That space remaining when by heart, we abide.

Our care is our gift to life

We abstain for the game of strife

That which we fear is only an illusion

Though we continue to create this confusion

Avoiding the responsibility of being free

There is only truth, only heart, only one to see

Separation is the disease of the mind

Seek not gain but spirit & you will find

This merry go round is self propelled

By the ideas to which you’ve held

Freedom is not something we create

It is already the case-just open the gate

Certainly there is work to be done before

Imaginary we only need open the door

The process is without effort but will ask

For a most difficult & effortless task

To love and learn with others at your side,

Relationship is the space where the heart abides.