Forced to move beyond this place

Broken by life’s artful play

Avoiding what I’m asked to face

Though life won’t let it sit that way.

Everything arising gets pushed aside

Matters exploding settle down

Running out of places to hide

Forced to smile through the frown.

Slowing gritting the pains in time

Shifting about in discomfort

Buried below layers of grime

Afraid to come up short.

Getting tired of this game

Exhausted by the grueling drill

Everything remaining the same

Every ride losing its thrill

At the point where hope fades

When the light finally dims

That is when the truth invades

 The waters of which I skim

Diving deep into the loneliness

Lost without a trace of step

Scared to death I must confess

Treading where my strength crept

Darkness all around no sight

Not even Earth below my feet

Nothing in my heart to fight

So far from being complete

The darkness followed everywhere

Lurking around every step I took

All that was once so fair

  had a shadow with every look.

The truth is never what we want

Or we would embrace it always

 desires leave truth left to haunt

avoiding what reality conveys.

When we run darkness finds us

When we hide we bring down fear

Interrupting causes such fuss

When truth is always crystal clear.

To stand before the light

Letting it in with open heart

Provides us with everlasting insight

Through the dark course we chart.

No path is easy all entail

Illusions trance and tainted spell

We fear to tread in fear to fail

We never will when life’s lived well.

Set off into the wanderlust of life

Never dissuaded by the dark night

Words cut through like sharpened knife

Life was made for hearts to fight.