There are two worlds coming into being

One of total control the other of true love

One that condemns and the other freeing

No pity from either below or above

A choice we each must make alone.

To care without prejudice or judgment

Our own remorse we must Atone

A decision to determine a life spent

The higher road the hardest to bare

The lower one is only easy at first

The only question is how much you care

Or would you rather satisfy your thirst.

We can’t run from who we are

Right or wrong we learn either way

Our reflection never strays very far

No matter the mask we might display

Be sure to know what you serve

What ends are made from grand plans

In the end we all get what we deserve

we all learn where our heart stands.

Those with fear must face it someday

to finally relinquish their attachment

Those who care, fearlessly lead the way

Giving it all away is a life well spent.